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At The Exact Moment of Demise With Your Sport Is An Opportunity to Turn Into a Moment Of Success

What is a moment? A moment is a space in time that has no beginning or end, just a deep-seeded opportunity to powerfully affect your future in a positive or negative way. Have you ever had a moment in your life that was dramatic or traumatic that has affected your life or sport? We never seem to forget these moments; in addition, they have affected your future in a positive or negative way. These powerful emotional moments may be affecting you right now by stopping what you really want to do because of the negative habits or a belief system of thoughts that have been installed with your past. Whatever the case, your exact moments of demise throughout your life or sport are missed opportunities to change the future with your sport or life. The great news is; it isn’t too late to change or affect the outcome in the future with your sport or life. You do have the power to change and travel down the path you choose.

A Little History:

Thoughts packed with emotion affect the subconscious; therefore, impact your reality rather quickly. Your subconscious brain doesn’t know what is real or imagined or impossible to possible. It is a doer of thoughts, habits, beliefs and actions. This part of the brain is where you embrace your perceptions, habits, attitudes, and beliefs. Conscious (mind) willpower has no permanent power over your existing beliefs and habits. The subconscious will win every time. You will need to reprogram the old habits and beliefs and add new beliefs and habits to create change and to reach your victory goals. Willpower again, isn’t enough. The good news is you can develop an elite mindset to reach your athletic victory goals and have a happy and healthy life also. Once you have placed the new habits and beliefs and goals properly into the subconscious mind, your victory goals are in actual fact on a collision course with success. I will dwell into the power of the subconscious with another article, but the same concept applies when you hit a powerful moment of demise, loss or wall with your sport. You can imprint very quickly into the subconscious when you are upset.

This is what I am Talking About:

That “EXACT” moment when you are at your weakest point with your sport is a pivotal opportunity to change your negative reaction to success. We seem to be overwhelmed by negative emotions and think this is the way it will be forever. This powerful emotion usually comes after losing or failing with your sport. The more important the game the stronger the emotion – or you may be bombing out reaching your goals. Whatever the case, you are very emotional and can’t seem to stop thinking about how you won’t win or reach your goal. If these thoughts continue, you will continue to manifest this feeling all over again unless you change your thoughts.

Remember what I said, thoughts that are packed with emotion, affect the subconscious and your reality rather quickly, which affect your habits and beliefs. These habits and beliefs will be carried over to practice and then your game. The good news, you have the power to change these “EXACT” moments of demise into a moment of success right then and there, which will powerfully affect your confidence and success with your sport in the future. There is only one instrument with your body that you have total control over if you choose. It is your thoughts, whether you think it or say it. Does this sound too simple? In fact it is if you really want to change. Your circumstances don’t dictate your outcome overall, but the choices you make in the circumstances.

How to apply this “EXACT” moment of demise into success:

This is the exciting part! All it takes to turn your downfall into a victory is turn your loss into a win in your imagination by using an affirmative affirmation.

Let’s use losing for example:

First you need to feel your loss after your competition. This is natural and healthy, but you don’t want to stay with these negative emotions for more then 10 minutes. The sooner you can turn this loss into the exact opposite, which is a win or success while you are mad, crying or really emotional the better. That’s it, it is this simple; however, the only challenging thing that will get in your way is your confidence to turn this loss into a positive in this moment. Takes a strong character to do this, but with practice, this will become easier.

You may think, I will never win or get any better. What is the use, this is stupid. You are right, you won’t with this thinking, but I do guarantee you will improve and have a much greater chance at succeeding in the future by turning your loss into a success after this annoying, but real emotional loss.

Start today and turn your “EXACT” moment of demise into an “EXACT” moment of success. Your mind, body and soul will reward you for it.