Mobile Auto Detailing and Mobile On-Site Car Washing – How Much Water Do They Use?

Having built the largest mobile car wash business on the Planet and the most efficient systems in the industry over a 27-year period before retiring, folks still to this day email me and ask me questions about the industry. Not long ago someone emailed me claiming to be interested in setting up a mobile car wash business and he asked the following questions:

  1. “How many gallons of water does one wash use?”

  2. “How many gallons a day does a mobile car wash use?”

  3. “How many cars can you do in an 8 hour day?”

Well, for our systems, a really dirty SUV might use 7-10 gallons max, once you get good at it 5-6. Cars between 3-5 gallons, and once you get good about 2.3 gallons per car. This is because pressure washers only put out about (5.5 hp at 1800 psi) 2.3 gallons per minute (20-seconds spray down, 40 seconds of rinse). How many gallons per day, figure a crew of two on a busy day 60-car washes, or 80-100 if you do NO Wax jobs, which hardly ever happens.

A 200-gallon loaf tank is plenty, I recommend that you use a 110-gallon loaf tank if you have a pickup and put it in the back, if that truck is less than a 1-ton. Also this requires a little more patience when driving.

You need to know that this business is not an 8-hour yuppie business day type of industry. You work when the customer needs you. You might get up early one day for rental cars, work late another day cleaning school buses up until 10 PM ( and some customers will demand weekends, fleets mostly, including Sunday if you want to get it all done on time.

If you are a wimp about working more than 8-hours, get a job, join the union, and forget this industry all together. Sorry, for being blunt, but if you don’t have what it takes you have no business being in this industry, it will eat you alive, take all your money too.

It’s like an Ocean Wave; you can surf it, turn your back on it, but it is coming and doesn’t care what’s there. It will bring you a fish or knock you on your butt and drown you, see that point? Again, sorry if you are the academia type, government worker or were a sheltered child all your life, but that’s the way it is.

4 Useful Benefits of Detailing Your Car

Detailing your car is a practical option to rejuvenate the paint work and keep the interior clean and fresh. A well presented car is easy to maintain and certain to sell better in the future. Here are a few benefits of detailing your car:

Promotes good health

Many vehicles are likely to be carrying millions of microscopic occupants. Allergens and germs are easily able to flourish in the warm and compact space of a car. The build up of food debris, dust and general dirt on the seats, upholstery and inside the cabin filter can soon lead to the growth microorganisms. A full vacuuming session will remove virtually all of these particles. Plus, the use of appropriate cleaning solutions will help to sterilize the interior surfaces. If you start to experience sneezing and sniffling after entering your car, it may be time to have a complete interior cleaned.

Car’s resale value

A car that is kept crisp and clean is that much easier to sell in the future. A car with drab-looking interior or coated in dirt and grime isn’t likely to give the desired impression to a prospective buyer. Also, the regular car care is certain to help maintain or even increase the potential resale value.

Remove marks

Detailing is the most practical option to rejuvenate the paint work by reducing or removing the signs of existing etching, scratches, swirls or fading. Also, this will help to protect the paint and give it long-term protection. Any containment left on the paint or other finishes (vinyl, chrome, leather, etc.) will slowly eat into the material and cause long-term damage.

Also, the car that is regularly detailed is easier to clean and retains its shine for longer. The repeated protective treatments are also useful for slowing the build up of dirt which is less able to stick to the slick and shiny surface.

Stunning looking finish

Whether it is a Ferrari or Fiesta, the detailed cars are given a stunning finish that is certain to stand out. Even for those that regularly give their car a wash and vacuum, the full detailing takes things to a new level for the most impressive look.

Overall, detailing your car isn’t a necessity, but is certain to help maintain the attractive look inside and outside the vehicle. While a normal car wash can benefit, this doesn’t always do enough to remove the most difficult blemishes and stains. This is only achieved with a regular detailing.

Auto Detailing and Mobile Car Washing – Doing Business With Ugly Duckling and Rent-A-Wreck

If you own a mobile car wash company or auto detailing firm sometimes the best clientele are companies, which are normally not sought by your competitors due to the stigma of their brand name. But I would advice such mobile cleaning service companies to re-consider such quick judgments and let me tell you why.

With Ugly Duckling and Rent-A-Wreck there is much work in washing and detailing for their car sales lots. As these companies expand we see much potential in the washing for them. For instance Ugly Duckling had our company in San Antonio TX wash all of their cars. They have several more dealerships in Austin TX to sell their used cars as well. Each lot has about 100 cars and takes about an hour to complete. Our team does had done an excellent job keeping them happy. Rent-A-Wreck also has Rent-A-Cars in Florida, California, Arizona and all over Texas in Dallas, Amarillo, Austin, San Antonio, Brownsville and Lubbock. Ugly Duckling has many locations and you can visit their web site to see if they are in your area.

They are in Virginia, Georgia, Florida, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada and California. They have 85 sales lots in 8 states and they are growing. We saw another one being built in College Station TX when we drove through. Their corporate office is in Phoenix and they sell just over 3800 cars per month on average. Rent-A-Wreck is an awesome company to work with. They have over 400 agency offices and are in nearly every state. They are a publicly traded company also.

I would advise any Auto Detailing Company or Mobile Car Washing firm to consider these possible accounts if they have locations in your region of operation and not allow the silly names to cloud your judgment. We have found success in doing business with both Ugly Duckling Rent a Car and Rent-A-Wreck. If you are looking to expand your customer base you ought to go in and ask them if they need your services. So, consider all this in 2006.